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We love to share the art by promoting our artists. We help them sell their creations whenever possible, here is some of the items we currently have for sale.

Special Art Promotions

We continually have special promotions for recent artists that join our community.

cajiWhen Caji Joeys joined us she was very happy to share her style and her feel when it comes to paste art, it is a rare style but we just love it and we are offering a promotion to everyone who mentions our “art paste” event when they check out they will receive an amazing 30% off her work. All proceeds go to the artist and we are happy to help get your name out there.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting her. We will be showcasing more work so make sure to come back and check it out. See you at our next event!

pasting art gallery - caji 1 pasting art gallery - caji 12 pasting art gallery - caji 123 pasting art gallery - caji

Future Art Events And Exhibitions

We will be having gallery events and exhibitions for many years to come and we love to book years in advanced because of the attendants that we have.

future art exhibitions

If you want to join our team and host some of your art here then you will be happy to note that we have many up coming exhibitions where you can showcase your work. We offer a lot of different options for artists who want to grow their customer base and get their name out there. Our exhibitions offer many different types of buyers options so it is easy for them to purchase what they like.

Join the art future fun?

When you decide to join our community, you will see that our exhibitions are like none you have ever been to, we offer a full package where we get a specialist to sit down with you and figure out what is best for your style and your pieces, we understand that originality and personal touch is an important part of this art industry when showing your work to the world so we will make sure that everything that you put out there is of your own making and creation.

future art events with artsquaregallery

Our artists just love to come out to our future exhibitions since we literally get thousands of people walking through the gallery over the span of the 3 day process. We spend thousands of dollars in advertising and marketing to make sure that the gallery attracts like minded eager people who are ready and willing to see what you have to offer them.

Some of the up coming art events will be noted on this page or if you go to the present exhibition page then you will be able to see what is happening right now as we speak. Usually within the next month is when we will be releasing the time and place because of the over booking procedure.

If you are are interested in working with us then go to our contact office page and we will get one of our staff to answer all your questions. It is as simple as sending us a quick message about what you are looking and calling us on the phone.

more up coming art events

Our next year art events will be noted on this page by the end of November and December so keep coming back to take a look. You can also see what we have done in the past on our past exhibitions section.

custom art framing

The Stages included in Custom Art Picture Framing and Jersey Framing

Custom craftsmanship framing has kept on being extremely famous in light of its various focal points. It for the most part alludes clients to the making of museum quality picture frames for clients. Custom craftsmanship framing and custom jersey framing contrasts non specific workmanship framing in different ways. This style stood out among the most prominent processes and programs because the way that the client has freedom to recommend changes to the procedure. Really, the client is included from the beginning of the venture to its finished product.

custom framing art

Why including the client in the custom picture framing process matters.

The producer of the frame takes a seat with the client and observes the all the particulars and needs. This is the first phase of the making the framing procedure standout among the most critical phase of custom framing. On the off chance that this stage is not effective, the client may dismiss the final result of the custom frame. Amid this stage, the maker is required to guarantee that all the details made by the client have been considered before the making of the casing can begin. In the event that the clients needs are not possible, the framing company ought to make this known not client before the undertaking advances or changes.

After the custom jersey framing company and the client have conceded and agreed to the process, the making of the casing ready to start. The making of the frame normally includes different stages. This is done with a specific end goal to stay away from any inconsistencies throughout. Case in point, there are sure cases where the individuals making the casing dismiss the needs of the client. This may seem unimaginable, however it does happen. That is the reason why it is best to keep the client included in the framing process. Aside from this, occasionally clients may recommend changes to their outline. Really, the producer is relied upon to figure out from the customer if there is any need to roll out improvements before starting the configuration. In the event that the client gives a thumbs up, the framing company can continue to finish the task. Many Canadian’s love to get their items framed and custom framed.

custom jersey framing experts

The last stage in jersey framing.

After that stage is finished, the last item is given over to the client. In the event that the client had not made any forthright installments, this is the time when the installments are made. A few clients gather their items from the assembling focuses, while different clients sit tight for the producer to convey the item to their place of habitation. More often than not, this relies on upon the shared ideas between the client and the producer.

As a general rule, individuals like to go for specially crafted craftsmanship than nonexclusive framing workmanship items. However, why is specially crafted craftsmanship a larger number of favorable than non specific workmanship items? There are various motivations to record for this. Above all else, custom craftsmanship framing includes the client from the earliest starting point of the task to its end. This implies that the client is at freedom to propose any possible changes to the way of the edge, the shape or the measure of the casing. Not at all like nonexclusive casings, hand crafted edges are made by taking after the particulars of the client.

For more information you can go to Google+ and see one of the best Edmonton jersey framers we have come across, we like to go to trustworthy websites like Google because when it comes to the internet, no one can argue that they are number one. Stay tuned or more amazing info and upcoming exhibitions that will host a lot more informative content.

Artist Spotlight: Amanda Hayvers

We have another wonderful artist that has turned the art scene upside down and inspired many people to pick up their brushes! Here interpretation of scenery around the world and wonders around the world has really brought awe and amazement to the privileged world that gets to see her creations.

Brought up in a house of eight, Hayvers quickly had to find something that could stand our form her siblings and art was it.

She gets her inspiration by watching street painting artists that perform on street and sell at the same time. It is just amazing she says and she wish she could do it on the spot as well. This is what she is talking about.

Current Art Exhibitions

spirit art eventHere are some art exhibitions that will be happening within the next few months from now. We hope to see you at some of these events and if you are an artist with us then we hope that you are able to show your best at the event!

2 upcoming shows!

We currently have 2 art shows happening right now within the next month, we will look forward to seeing you at them. The first is the spirit and inner being art show that will showcase many of the new age art styles and people from many of the top artists from around the city. Artists from all over the country also come to this new show because it is the first time we will be hosting some of the talent and it will be a whole lot of fun.


The second show will be based on the un used tools that people hardly use for materials and tools when they are creating art. Beautiful pieces can created even without the regular tools and materials that artists use like brushes, or even digital programs.

This will be one of this years most popular events and last year it was one of the biggest events we held at our studio. It will host many artists that step outside their comfort zone and create something that they have never done before!

Past Exhibitions

Here is some of the special art exhibitions that we had in the past. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us and our artists.

brush and paint event art annd music gallery exhibition

building art event exhibitionmodern rip art exhibition

space art event

If you have attended one of our past exhibitions and art events we want to thank you for all the support and we hope you had a wonderful time at the show. We will be hosting many more events in the near future and we want you to keep coming back because it will be even more fun and magical art creations that you do not want to miss. We will see you at our next one!